Saul Stahl

Saul Stahl, Professor Emeritus
Department of Mathematics
The University of Kansas
Phone: 785-550-5882

Research Interests:

Topological graph theory and graph (multi)colorings.

Sample Research Papers:

Educational Interests:

I am working on creating alternative curricula for standard post calculus mathematics courses. I try to make the subject matter more interesting by providing it with a focus and using the historical evolution of the subject matter as a guide.


A Gateway to Modern Geometry
The Poincare Half-Plane: A Gateway to Modern Geometry, Jones & Bartlett, 1993.
(2nd edition 2008 has the reverse title :  “A Gateway to Modern Geometry, the Poincaré Half-Plane.”)
Introductory Modern Algebra: A Historical Approach
Introductory Modern Algebra: A Historical Approach, J. Wiley & Sons, 1996 (2nd edition 2008).
A Gentle Introduction to Game Theory
A Gentle Introduction to Game Theory, AMS Mathematical World Volume 13, 1999.
Real Analysis: A Historical Approach
Real Analysis: A Historical Approach, J. Wiley & Sons, 2nd edition 1999.
Geometry from Euclid to Knot
Geometry from Euclid to Knots. (2nd edition 2011).
This is a geometry text for prospective high school teachers. It is based on Euclid's The Elements  but contains plenty of exercises as well as some additional topics.
Introduction to Topology and Geometry
Introduction to Topology and Geometry. (2nd edition  2013)
This is meant to be used on the senior/first year graduate level.
Understanding Modern Mathematics
Understanding Modern Mathematics.
Mathematics for liberal arts majors. 2nd edition, Dover, under the title Mathematics Old and New.  2017. Work in progress